Hydro Extrusions North America

6250 N River Road
Suite 5000
Rosemont, IL 60018

Phone: View Phone Number847-349-7230

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Company Description:

Hydro is the world’s largest integrated aluminum company and the world leader in extruded aluminum solutions. We have over 23,500 employees in more than 40 countries, and global headquarters located in Oslo, Norway. With over 100 locations around the globe, we are working to uncover the true potential of global aluminum resources-- extruding shapes and creating solutions to conquer manufacturing challenges for many industries including building & construction, automotive and transportation.

Resources like our advanced R&D group support customers globally with world class engineering, metallurgy, product design, and fabrication expertise. In North America, Hydro offers 23 facilities with more than 68 extrusion presses.

Product Information:
Rod & Bar - Extruded or Drawn
Aluminum Extrusion
Extruded Shapes
Pipe & Tube (Extruded or Drawn)
Extrusion Billet
RFP Automator
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