RUSAL America Corp.

800 Westchester Avenue, Suite S-308
Rye Brook, NY 10573

Phone: View Phone Number914-670-5771

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Company Description:

RUSAL is a leading, global aluminum producer. The company’s main products are primary aluminum, aluminum alloys, foil and alumina. RUSAL is a completely vertically integrated aluminum company with assets right through the production process – from bauxite and nepheline ore mines to aluminum smelters and foil mills. This provides RUSAL with exceptional operational flexibility and enables it to control every stage of the manufacturing process and ensure the highest quality of products.

RUSAL operates in 19 countries on 5 continents

RUSAL currently sources 90 percent of the electricity for its aluminum smelters from hydropower, and that’s critical because enormous amounts of electricity are required in the aluminum production process. RUSAL’s core smelting operations are favorably located close to Siberian hydropower plants, and allow RUSAL to perform as a global aluminum leader with one of the lowest CO2 footprints in the industry. We have the experience to know that the true environmental benefits of using eco-friendly aluminum begin with primary producers who seek to be good stewards and accept the responsibility of setting low carbon industry standards. It’s a value that defines leadership for our Part of that responsibility means not just producing ALLOW, our low-emissions aluminum, but ensuring that our process and reporting are fully transparent. That means that our low CO2 metrics need to be visible, readily accessible, easily understood – and verified by independent third-party certification.

Sustainability is the new foundation for global industrial policy, and will be for decades to come. RUSAL is exceptionally positioned to fuel this new energy world order, and we’re excited to launch our new ALLOW brand of aluminum.

At the same time RUSAL builds new highly effective smelters in Eastern Siberia in order to get ready for future aluminum demands.

The access to rich bauxite deposits will enable RUSAL to meet growing production demands throughout the next 100 years.

RUSAL strives to achieve the leadership in efficiency and is already among the three most cost- effective aluminum producers in the world. The company’s in-house R&D, engineering and design capabilities enable it create and launch new technologies that help to streamline production and cut capital and operation costs.

Product Information:
Aluminum Extrusion
Extrusion Billet
Primary Aluminum Ingot
Extrusion Billet
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