EBNER Furnaces Inc.

224 Quadral Drive
Wadsworth, OH 44281

Phone: View Phone Number330-335-1893

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Company Description:

When you invest in the future, you don’t take it lightly. So, consider that…
EBNER is the first choice among suppliers when others invest in their metals process.
EBNER is the most innovative and competitive full solution provider in thermal processing.

No matter how complex and challenging the requirements,
EBNER’s passion is to deliver our customers a decisive competitive advantage
through customized thermal processing solutions that use the world’s leading technologies.

It starts in Research and Development, which is an integral part of company philosophy, because
EBNER views technical and business evolution as an opportunity to become and a necessity to remain
a reliable, long-term partner to our customers.

EBNER vertical integration—in-house manufacturing, installation, commissioning, service, and support—
translates the resulting comprehensive know-how, innovative technologies, and efficient total solutions
into real world, competitive advantages for the metals industry (aluminum, steel, & copper-base) by offering:

high levels of quality                  highest throughput; long service life; lowest environmental impact

best price/performance ratio    low utility consumptions, high availability, & low required maintenance
                                                       ensuring cost-effective operation

high levels of safety                   state-of-the-art process technology & automation

excellent product quality:          uniform, consistent mechanical properties; cleanest material surface;
                                                       homogenous microstructure; no material loss

greater flexibility                         highly intelligent thermal processing technology;
                                                       customized full solutions for today & beyond

EBNER business units, Gautschi and EBNERFAB additionally
offer melting and holding furnace facilities and fabrication services.

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Billet / Ingot Heating
Burners / Combustion Equipment
Heat Treating Furnaces / Ovens
Melting / Holding Furnaces
Fabrication Services
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