SECO/WARWICK Corporation

180 Mercer Street
Meadville, PA 16335

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Company Description:

SECO/WARWICK’S Aluminum Group is focused on serving the heat treatment and re-melt needs of the primary aluminum industry for aluminum mills, aerospace, automotive, extrusion technology and aluminum recycling. The multi-disciplined group includes: aluminum heat treatment systems for coil, foil, rod, wire, billet, slab and ingot processing, which are used for annealing, homogenizing, preheat and reheat to roll; solution heat treat furnace systems to process aluminum castings, forgings, extrusions and plate; designed for solution heat treatment, solution annealing, precipitation hardening, artificial hardening, aging, artificial aging and preheat applications; reverb melting & holding furnaces for melting sows, solids and scrap, or cleaning the molten metal before casting into usable forms, delivering constant, predictable pour rates for continuous casting and other molten metal applications; and ingot and sow preheating systems. SECO/WARWICK aluminum furnaces are custom engineered with control and material handling systems offered in configurations to suit every type of production environment. These systems are in operation worldwide by primary and secondary aluminum producers as well as in aerospace, aircraft, automotive, forge and fastener manufacturing.

Billet / Ingot Heating
Burners / Combustion Equipment
Heat Treating Furnaces / Ovens
Melting / Holding Furnaces
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