Reliant Aluminum Products, LLC

520 Townsend Ave
High Point, NC 27263

Phone: View Phone Number336-289-2203

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Company Description:

Reliant Aluminum Products is the exclusive source for Clariant anodizing dyes and chemistry in North America. We offer a comprehensive range of technical services and laboratory analysis for aluminum anodizers in U.S, Canada and Mexico.

The strategic alliance between Reliant and Clariant provides two major benefits. Anodizers get the largest selection of Clariant dyes and chemistry — many of them patented and exclusive – combined with the expert technical support from Reliant's knowledgeable professionals.

Our strategic alliance allows us the flexibility to offer tailor-made solutions to meet the specific requirements of individual regions, the changing demands of the industry and the individual needs of each customer.

  • Technical Services and Laboratory Analysis

Whether it's in the field or in the lab, Reliant's technical staff works hand-in-hand with customers to optimize their efficiency using our time-proven application methods and innovative process improvements.

We provide all necessary application tests for anodizing, coloring and sealing aluminum. We can recommend the ideal colorants, chemicals and process parameters to meet the most demanding production requirements. Our fully-equipped lab is ideally suited to troubleshoot the most complex problems confronting anodizers and manufacturers.

  • Quality Assurance and Environmental Safety

Customers can have confidence in the quality and integrity of our products. We are globally certified (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) and have complete control of the manufacturing process from the raw materials to the finished product.

We're committed to helping anodizers with our global product stewardship team and are one of the leading companies that offer Environmental Health and Safety Affairs (ESHA) support and provide updated information regarding certification of Environmental Standards.

  • Innovative Research and Development

A new €100 million Clariant Innovation Center in Frankfurt, Germany, was opened in 2013. This global hub for Research & Development is the home of Clariant’s competence centers in chemical research and process technology as well as application laboratories for several Business Units and state-of-the art analytical laboratories. As the corporation’s global hub, the CIC coordinates Clariant’s world-wide R&D network, including centers across Europe, North America, Brazil, Japan, India and China.

Product Information:
Reliant offers the full range of Clariant anodizing dyes and chemistry for aluminum finishing. • Sanodure Indoor Anodizing Dyes • Sanodal Indoor & Outdoor Anodizing Dyes • Sanodye Metal Free Anodizing Dyes • Sanodye P Food Zone Anodizing Dyes • Anodal Anodizing Chemistry • Anodal Electrolytic Colorants

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