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7201 Hamilton Boulevard
Allentown, PA 18195

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Company Description:

Air Products is a Fortune 500 company with $9B in sales and operations in over 50 countries. We are known for innovative solutions, operational excellence and a strong commitment to safety. Air Products serves customers in industrial, technology and energy markets worldwide with a unique portfolio of atmospheric and process gases and equipment and services.

Air Products is a leader in providing products and solutions for all phases of aluminum production, recycling, and processing; including oxygen-enhanced combustion systems, degassing, molten metal blanketing, extrusion shrouding and die cooling, annealing and on-site gas generation. We can help you achieve higher productivity, quality and yield, while reducing your cost per pound/kg aluminum and gaining operational flexibility.

Product Information:
Your operational needs are unique and no two furnaces are alike. That’s why we draw upon our 50+ years of in-plant and R&D experience to engineer custom-tailored combustion systems to match your furnace’s specific characteristics. Through our broad range of newly designed burners and precision-control systems, our applications engineers can help you optimize production, reduce emissions and improve yield. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a demonstration in our full-scale combustion lab.

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